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My collection of desktop entertainment and games for Windows. Zipped with winzip. All checked on viruses and it is freeware. Right click and save as and have fun. At Links you will find the online games! In this book you van preview some of the downloads. You can browse back and forward by clicking on the page:


* Font LMS Letter to Mom, install in C:\Windows\Fonts.
* Let orange or white blossoms gently fall on your desktop and on your windows and enjoy! A branch with orange or white blossoms is drawn at the top of the screen, and soon the blossoms start to fall. The petals pile up on your windows and at the bottom of the screen. Blossom for Windows is both a screen saver and a desktop program, so you can enjoy the blossoms while you work!


* Font 4MYLOVER, install in C:\Windows\Fonts.
* Animated Hart Alphabet from the Valentinepage.
* A screensaver and a game all in one. This game lets you help cupid shoot the hearts with the arrow. The game keeps score and plays the song "cupid" in the background. You can shut the music off. This screensaver game would be a nice gift to give away for valentines day.
* A beautiful heart with a rose in the middle. The rose drips on your screen. The song "Always And Forever" plays in the background. You can shut the music off.
* Harts in Love screensaver.
* White Sparrow, wedding song...(midi file)


* Font Hamlake, install in C:\Windows\Fonts.
* Download here the font Tempus Sans ITC I used for this website.
* Educational game to learn the euro coins, fun and learning together.
* Interactive genealogy of...Donald Duck!
* Smack-a-Thief Mini game of the Settlers. Have-a-break game.
* Cultures Mini game, looks like Asterix and Obelix. Collect as much gold as you can!
* Webshots, beautiful wallpaper
* Great care2 screensavers, e.g. care2 Headquarters a lot is going on there...
* Numerology calculator, chaldean and phytagorean.
* Sreensaver with a picture of The Beatles displayed in a desktop clock that adjust the time to according to the time in your time settings. The song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" plays in the background. A nice collectors item of the beatles.
* Screensaver with a cute tabby cat displayed in a desktop clock that uses your time settings to keep the time on your desktop. The song "Alley Cat" plays in the background.
* Screensaver of a cute dog hold a rose in this beautiful desktop clock that adjust itself from your time settings on your computer. The song "True Love" plays softly in the background.
* A beautiful screensaver of a lake surrounded by the colors of autumn. The water actually moves on the screen. Soft music plays in the background.
* A nice screensaver of a house and bridge by the lake. As the house reflects of the moving water, soothing music plays in the background.
* A dreamcatcher floats by with native american music.
* Summer rain screensaver with background music.

Autumn ~ Halloween

* Font Canadian Autumn, install in C:\Windows\Fonts.
* Font PhilliBoo, install in C:\Windows\Fonts.
* Let autumn leaves gently fall on your desktop and on your windows and enjoy AutumnLeaves while you work! The leaves pile up on your windows and at the bottom of the screen while mushrooms and pumpkins (Halloween!) grow everywhere and chipmunks scutter around. A screen saver is included as an extra.


* Font KR Oh Christmas Tree, install in C:\Windows\Fonts.
* Flying Rudolph, can't miss card.
* Fantastic interactive christmas card.
* Decorate and send a complete 3D christmas tree to your friends.
* NEW GAME: Santa's Secret Valley, help Santa by guarding his stuff. More thinking required.
* Let it snow and let Santa fly. All adjustable: color, kind of snow, cool desktop decorator. When you registrar Rudolph with red nose is thrown in. A screensaver is included as well.
* New version of Xmas Fred 2000 for Windows 95/98/NT Funny desktop character, Fred performs various actions as the Santa Claus. Contains both Desktop Buddy and ScreenSaver versions. Download Santa now, you're gonna have fun!
* Snow machine on your desktop. Set the amount, decide if it should stay on top of your screen and set the speed. You can even provoke a blizzard!
* Sreensaver of ten winter wonderland photo's from holland accompanied by music of Christie Moore and a poem in Dutch.
* Screensaver of a beautiful lake with snow in christmas spirit, snow is falling and the water moves, with a medley of 17 beautiful christmas songs in the background.
* A screensaver and shoot-em-up; Santa shoots rendeer....
* Christmas countdown and pictures in christmas spirit settings with jazzy music.
* LoonyToon xmas screensaver, they sing for you!
* Christmas bakery, interactive screensaver, click and something will happen...
* Santa in a spaceship screensaver with music
* Beautiful 3D screensaver of a car, you can conduct, through the streets in Christmas spirit.

St Nicholas

* Font Choco Light, install in C:\Windows\Fonts.
* Poem Generator, help St Nicholas this year...
* Draw a strawname, who gets who for a present, by Email, no quarrelling this year ;-)
* Game Sint2000; Sint is mugged! Pick up the parcels and help Piet to throw them in the right chimney. Graphics are great, no time limit set, but speed will get you more points!
* Game Sint99; Sint is mugged! Pick up the parcels and help Piet to throw them in the right chimney. Fun for the younger kid as well.
* Sint wallpapers, go to Feest and choose Sinterklaas
* De zak van Sinterklaas...(midi file)
* Zie de maan schijnt door de bomen...(midi file)
* Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt...(midi file)
* Jongens, heb je 't al vernomen...(midi file)
* Hoor ik daar geen paardevoetjes...(midi file)
* Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt...(midi file)